#UniSalutePerTe: UnipolSai offers its 10 million customers UniSalute healthcare cover against Covid-19

Corporate: Institutional
Monday, November 30, 2020 - 13:58

A tangible way of expressing the willingness to take care of those who place their trust in the Unipol Group.

In a year that has been profoundly affected by the pandemic with the entire country involved in fighting the virus, UnipolSai decided to make a further contribution to support its 10 million customers, offering free UniSalute healthcare cover to deal with the possible consequences of Covid 19.

This significant undertaking is called #UniSalutePerTe and tangibly demonstrates the wish of UnipolSai and the Unipol Group to continuously support their customers.
#UniSalutePerTe can be activated using the UnipolSai APP, and offers specific healthcare cover for Covid-19 at no additional cost which includes:

• Medical teleconsultation available 24/7 and video consultations with specialist doctors;
• €100 per day in compensation for admission to hospital of up to 14 days;
• €2,000 in compensation after coming out from intensive care hospitalisation.

This initiative was designed especially for millions of people and accompanies other significant initiatives launched by UnipolSai and the Unipol Group in 2020 to support all their stakeholders such as the #UnMesePerTe campaign that returns one month’s worth of their vehicle liability insurance to customers. A tangible way of expressing the willingness to take care of those who place their trust in UnipolSai.

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