Statutory Auditors

The Board of Statutory Auditors is the corporate body responsible for supervising the proper management of the Company and, in particular, the organisation, management and accounting structure adopted by the Directors and the proper functioning of the same.

The Shareholders’ Meeting of 23 April 2018 appointed the Board of Statutory Auditors currently in office, which consists of three Standing Auditors and three Alternate Auditors, and conferred a mandate of three financial years and, thus, until the Shareholders’ Meeting for the approval of the 2020 financial statements. 

The Board of Statutory Auditors consists of:

Name and surname Role CV
Paolo Fumagalli Chairman CV
Giuseppe Angiolini Standing Auditor CV
Silvia Bocci Standing Auditor CV
Domenico Livio Trombone Alternate Auditor
Luciana Ravicini Alternate Auditor
Sara Fornasiero Alternate Auditor