Tax strategy of the Unipol Group

In line with the sustainable success goals pursued by the Unipol Group through creation of long-term value for its stakeholders, the Board of Directors of Unipol Gruppo S.p.A. approved a strategy to define the standards and limits on which to base its tax risk management (its “Tax Strategy”), to be applied to all Group companies.

Based on the values adopted by Unipol and recognised in its Charter of Values and Code of Ethics, the document sets out the principles that guide the tax management of the Unipol Group, including compliance with tax laws, in the belief that the Group can contribute to the needs of the community in which it works and ensure transparency in its relations with the tax authorities by paying its taxes.

Stemming from these principles, the standards of conduct in relation to tax provide, inter alia, for the progressive adoption of an internal control system dedicated to tax risk, with the Tax Strategy representing a first key step, and agreement to a cooperative compliance regime for a stronger relationship with the revenue authorities.