UnipolSai Observatory

A driving habits nationwide snapshot.

The UnipolSai Observatory, now in its 6th year, focuses on driving habits in Italy and is carried out thanks to the analysis of data belonging to over 4 million UnipolSai insured drivers that have installed the black box in their vehicles, a sector in which the Company is leader both in Italy and in Europe in terms of numbers of devices installed. The data processed provide a nationwide snapshot and a valuable focus on each region of Italy.

For the sixth edition of the Observatory, UnipolSai compared the 2013 data with those of 2018 in order to analyse and identify variations in the driving trends and habits of Italians during a period that saw the country fall into recession and then come back out of it. Compared with 6 years ago, at national level the UnipolSai Observatory data show that cars are used more frequently, albeit for shorter trips, and that there has been an increase in traffic, as demonstrated by the 3-minute increase in the amount of time spent each day behind the wheel and the 4 km/h reduction in average speeds. There has been a major fall in the number of km travelled in major metropolitan areas, which generally have efficient public transport networks, while cars continued to be used very frequently in small-medium provinces.