Our ecosystems

Mission Evolve, the Unipol-UnipolSai Strategic Plan 2019-2021, is the starting point for a new and ambitious mission: to evolve.

In the current economic context, which has also resulted in significant change for the entire insurance system, we intend to keep looking forward with the strength of the market leadership we have been able to build with our stakeholders over time. We are evolving with a change of pace that allows UnipolSai Assicurazioni and the Unipol Group in general to become leaders in three major ecosystems - Mobility, Welfare and Property – creating companies, projects and solutions with a view to transforming products into service ecosystems. The strength of our assets, people, technology and sustainability allow us to go beyond the single concept of insurance to evolve together while continuing to create shared value. The plan outlines a transition from “insurance leadership” to “ecosystem leadership”, which focuses on the Mobility, Welfare and Property sectors.

Our 3 ecosystems