The Unipol Group’s strategic goals include strengthening its role as insurance leader and point of reference in terms of mobility, welfare and property needs by offering an ecosystem of skills and assets integrated at a Group level.

With this in mind, it is investing to expand its Mobility Ecosystem: within this system, difference forces interact to cover areas adjacent to the insurance core business, developing services in line with market demands while taking continuous technological, social and regulatory developments into account.

The Group can rely on prompt assistance, bodywork and glass repair services as well as a leadership position in telematics, distinctive features of its customer service, optimisation and innovation of settlement processes, and evolution of pricing models. The Ecosystem is expanding thanks to partnerships and acquisitions, with the aim of expanding the offer in areas such as long-term rentals and online sales platforms for used vehicles. The synergies in place have given life to an absolutely new and ambitious project for the Italian market, confirming the Unipol Group’s determination to drive the entire system that revolves around mobility and to play a leading role in this Ecosystem.

Unipol Group companies


“Pronto Assistance Servizi is the Unipol Group’s multiservice company specialised in managing assistance requests from all vehicle categories, individuals, homes and businesses.

Many years of experience in the sector and the quality of its services are confirmed by ISO 9001 certification.

It promotes a flexible and evolved model that uses an integrated multi-channel system (car and non-car garage alarms, app and phone alerts) to handle assistance requests. PAS has a contact center that is active 24/7 and a network of highly qualified suppliers that guarantees expertise and reliability throughout Italy and in over 200 countries around the world.

In addition, the company provides information and support to all policyholders and potential Group customers through a dedicated contact centre.

This organisation allows us to handle over 900,000 claims per year.
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The first 100% Italian-owned company in the long-term rental sector, UnipolRental has been operating as a car server since 1995. On 1 August 2019 it was acquired by UnipolSai and became part of the Unipol Group.

In addition to the skills acquired in over 25 years in the sector, UnipolRental relies on 221 employees (235 at the end of 2021), a fleet of more than 50,000 vehicles, 8,500 affiliated assistance centres, 23 directly operated branches and a service fleet of 7,000 vehicles. Our customers can benefit from the expertise and work synergies with companies in the Group’s Mobility Ecosystem, with over 4,000 UnipolService body shops, 200 UnipolGlass replacement and repair centres, 300 UnipolAssistance 24/7 assistance operators, and UnipolTech telematics, which has installed over 4 million black boxes.

Today, UnipolRental is part of a proper mobility ecosystem, which has made it possible to halve technical downtime and enhance its rental service.

The growing number of affiliated centres in a growing number of locations reflects our corporate mission, “People, locally, by the customer’s side”.

The five-year business plan that will conclude at the end of 2024 focuses on the customer, with the goal of becoming leaders in the LTR sector for the retail target and a corporate reference point for all companies that are already UnipolSai customers.

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UnipolTech designs, develops and provides innovative services based on telematics, IoT and big data for the Unipol Group’s Mobility, Property and Health Ecosystems. With over 4.2 million auto Uniboxes managed each year, UnipolTech is the top telematics player in Europe. The range of Mobility services offered includes:

- Auto UniBox: modular and self-installing devices for the provision of assistance, accident reconstruction and anti-theft services;
- Electronic toll collection: toll payment service;
- Mobility payments: the UnipolSai App allows you to pay for private parking and on-street parking in all major Italian cities, make payments to the public administration (fines, road taxes, bills) and pay for refuelling at the main service stations of affiliated networks.
- Qshino: an anti-abandonment device connected to a dedicated app via Bluetooth, sold by UnipolSai agencies, Amazon and major retailers.

UnipolTech is constantly dedicated to making technological developments, also through Open Innovation, in the field of telecommunications, digital platforms, software and sensors in collaboration with universities, research centres and start-ups.

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In the world of Unipol, UnipolGlass is the reference network of automotive glass centres for both policyholders of the Group companies and the rest of the market.

The Company is a subsidiary of the Unipol Group, which holds 70%. The remaining 30% is owned by DIRA S.p.A. (Distribuzione Italiana Ricambi Auto), a company that has been operating in the field of automotive glass distribution for over twenty years.

The UnipolGlass model is one-of-a-kind on the Italian market. Being part of an insurance group guarantees network solidity on various fronts: for agencies, it ensures that customers receive the same attention they are given by agencies at the centres; for customers, the serenity of receiving a quick, serious and professional service; for the centres, the constant, if not increasing, workflow makes it possible to plan continuous technical upgrades to offer a cutting-edge service.

The widespread network counts more than 200 centres located across Italy, islands included. All glass parts are approved and meet the same qualitative standards as those installed by the manufacturer, preserving the original quality of the vehicle. A wide range of services is offered in addition to glass replacement and repair, including ADAS calibration, mobile service, various glass treatments (darkening, rain proofing), ozone treatment, passenger compartment sanitation, windshield wiper sales, etc

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UnipolService is the Unipol Group Company that represents its system of repair centres.

It includes around 2,600 body shops in Italy, a chain of mechanical workshops and some networks specialised in hail damage.

UnipolService plays a key role in the Group’s Mobility Ecosystem, taking care of the entire repair process: damage estimates, purchase and delivery of spare parts to body shops, the repair process and delivery of repaired vehicles under warranty for UnipolSai and Linear policyholders and the vehicles of the UnipolRental fleet.

The UnipolService model is unique in the sector because it covers all aspects of repair: opening claims, listing and supplying spare parts, all the way up to check-out, activating supervision and control tools for every single phase of the repair process.

The main advantages of the UnipolService model include:

  • quick repairs and high quality service;
  • a 10-year warranty on repairs (provided the vehicle remains insured with a Unipol Group company);
  • bodywork carried out exclusively using original spare parts of the manufacturer.

UnipolService aims to become the leading network of repair centres on the Italian market, thanks to its distinctive features: strong presence across the country; a wide and expanding range of services; quality workmanship and absolute reliability.

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