The Audit Function has the duty to assess and monitor the effectiveness, efficiency and adequacy of the internal control system and the other elements of corporate governance in relation to the nature of the activities carried out and the level of risks borne, and any need to make adjustments, including with the support and advice of the other corporate functions.

The Audit Function checks, both continuously and in relation to specific needs and in accordance with international standards, the operation and fitness of the internal audit and risk management system through an audit plan, approved by the Board of Directors, based on a structured process of analyses and prioritisation of the main risks. 

The Audit department organises its activities as follows to carry out its duties:

  • inspections on the processes (insurance, operational, financial and information technology);
  • inspections arising from regulatory obligations;
  • inspections of the distribution networks and the payment structures;
  • inspections on internal frauds;
  • other activities provided for by law, projects, administration and reporting.