In terms of its evolving response to market demands, the Group also meets security needs with its new property protection services for the home, commerce and businesses, investing in the integration of insurance, home automation and assistance. Telematic devices for the home have been studied to protect against the risk of theft and to promptly intervene in the event of smoke detection, flooding or gas leaks.

To meet the needs of client companies, mostly SMEs, the Group’s offer is integrated with services and conditions that, on the one hand, promote and support prevention in an approach that helps the individual businesses meet insurability conditions and, on the other hand, simplifies the resumption of economic activities in the event of problems that compromise the same. The development of products, guarantees and services is aimed at protecting companies against the risks that have become major concerns for the production system, also in terms of the increasing frequency with which they occur, such as risks related to climate change, cyber security and health protection especially.