Always one step ahead | Health

“ALWAYS A STEP AHEAD" FOCUSES ON HEALTH, AMONG OTHER THINGS. The UnipolSai advertising campaign is on air with the new TV commercial dedicated to people’s health.

In September, UnipolSai will be resuming its “Sempre un passo avanti” (Always a Step Ahead) advertising campaign by launching a new TV commercial dedicated to the protection of people’s health.

Thanks to a leadership that, at Group level, also encompasses health products, with its new ad copy UnipolSai aims to promote its most distinctive solutions in this important area: a network of 3,000 partner medical centres spread throughout the Italian territory, booking of specialist and diagnostic visits with a shortened waiting time and ease of access to services through the App.

Innovation is therefore once again at the forefront of both supply and creative format, which, leveraging the concept of ‘always being a step ahead’, reprises the mood of a campaign that began in 2019 with solutions for the automotive sector and most recently continued with home insurance.  

The TV spot, which again sees Alessandro Gassmann as an endorser able to anticipate the future, will also be available in adaptations for the radio, press and digital channels for four weeks starting from 6 September.