UnipolSai launches Più3 campaign for businesses on tv

The new UnipolSai TV advert dedicated to the business sector, which has felt the economic effects of the pandemic more than any other industry, will be aired for the first time on Sunday 4 October.

UnipolSai launches the new Più3 campaign to provide additional support to all of the small- and medium-sized businesses that form part of the Italian production fabric and have the ability to look forward even in times of difficulty. 

For all new policies dedicated to business activities, the initiative involves three additional months of free coverage, a discount of up to 20% and the payment of the premium from the fourth month.

Voiced by Alessandro Gassmann, the advert, also launched in the press, radio and digital channels, once again alludes to UnipolSai’s ability to stay one step ahead and guarantee innovation and better service. Not just for people, but also for businesses.

Discover the products of the Più3 campaign at unipolsai.it