Institutional relations and interest representatives

Unipol openly and transparently supports discussions on issues and initiatives that could influence or be influenced by the Group business activities in order to contribute, to the same extent as other interest holders, to awareness of the technical, economic, market and industry dynamics so that stakeholders (customers, employees, investors) are put into the best position to make decisions to their benefit.

Unipol has published its Relations Policy with the institutional stakeholders and interest representatives to describe the scope and organisation of the Group INSTITUTIONAL & PUBLIC AFFAIRS unit and present the undertakings made to ensure honesty and transparency in relations with the public authorities and decision-makers.

Our main goal is to be transparent on the main issues and positions of interest and provide public decision-makers with reliable, verifiable and updated information.

The Unipol Group has been a member of the Register of Interest Representatives of the Chamber of Deputies since 2017 and the voluntary EU Transparency Register since 2014. The aim of the registers is to give the public unique, direct access to the information relating to those who engage in activities aimed at influencing national and EU decision-making process, to the interests being pursued and the resources invested in these activities.

The Unipol Group employs an Organisation and Management Model (MOG) aimed at preventing and minimising risks resulting from the failure to apply the provisions of the law. Unipol also follows a Code of Ethics and a Charter of Values.

The Group does not finance parties, their representatives or candidates either in Italy or abroad, or sponsor conferences or parties that have the exclusive purpose of political propaganda, and does not make contributions or pay expenses for political campaigns, political organisations, lobbyists or lobbying organisations, trade associations or other tax exempt groups as explicitly established in the Group’s Organisational Model (MOG) at paragraph 1.2.

The Group is a member of various professional and trade associations. Unipol Group has not formed part of the National Association of Insurance Companies (ANIA) since 2015.

In 2022, the Group founded The Urban Mobility Council: the Think Tank for future mobility. The Urban Mobility Council is led by an oversight committee which includes the main stakeholders (institutional, academic and from the manufacturing world) who will help gather and spread awareness by creating resources and skills in the various sectors and the worlds of business and academia to fuel the debate on the new directions that mobility will take.

The Group regularly presents a selection of the contributions by the interest representatives in the sustainability reporting documents.

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