PicUP is an Israeli startup born in Tel-Aviv in 2016 that offers a solution for recognizing calls from UnipolSai.

Picup logo

The purpose of the solution is to increase the response rate, allowing users to “brand” what is displayed on the smartphone screen of the customers being contacted (company logo, iconic image representing the reason why you are calling, accompanying descriptive text, etc.)

PicUP’s customers include important European companies in various sectors (e.g. telco, banks, utilities).

The main benefits of the solution are:

  • Advanced customer service: personalisation of calls with a distinctive customer experience
  • Augmented Brand Image: personalisation of calls with the company’s logo
  • Increased response rate: allowing customers to tell the difference and therefore answer an important call from his/her Company (e.g. in the event of a claim) compared to a call from an unwanted commercial call centre of an unknown company

UnipolSai has found that PicUP is an ideal solution to be integrated into the UnipolSai App, thus allowing all our interested customers to enable the caller recognition service.

Unipol Assistance was activated as the main Touchpoint for the implementation of three campaigns:

  • Customer care
  • Customer service
  • Roadside assistance in the event of accident using telematics.

With PicUP UnipolSai has been active for about a year on both the iOS and Android operating systems. Thanks to this solution, a significant increase in the response rate has been detected for those who have enabled the caller recognition service.

Picup UnipolSai